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Post by Guest on Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:14 pm

Dragon Ball Timelines 714005

What if Frieza never destroyed Planet Vegeta?

What if he had never found it to be necessary?

Bardock and his elite conquered Kanassa but there, Bardock gained no gift, and instead returned to his planet to heal after being injured.

Frieza was convinced by his brother Cooler to not exterminate the monkey race because they would definitely be a good asset and so, Frieza decided against it after his father agreed with Cooler.

The saiyans continued to train and grow in power, and eventually, Prince Vegeta murdered his father and took his place as the rightful king of the saiyans.

Frieza continues to rule over them and to conquer planets, but the fear he once felt is slowly returning as the new King Vegeta becomes more powerful than ever.

Meanwhile, Goku's son Gohan was born and Raditz is on his way to Earth to see if his brother succeeded in his mission, and to retrieve his brother after such a long time without him.

However Goku is not Kakarot and he will not go down without a fight, but will he be able to take on his brother, and worse, will he be able to take on King Vegeta and the rest of the saiyans, by himself?


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