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Thread/Chatbox/general RULES!

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Thread/Chatbox/general RULES! Empty Thread/Chatbox/general RULES!

Post by David Shuter on Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:38 pm

there are some Simple rules to follow here, and, since they are simple, we expect you to follow them. they are listed bellow

1. No roleplaying the the Chat box, that is for OOC talk only. you can discuss threads, and set them up. but the Chat box is for talk only.

2. Unless you have permissions to be in the Mature forum, excessive violence or love making will not take place on this forum.

3.word post minimum of 50 words, and let me stress, that is a MINIMUM, not a MAXIMUM, you are free to post as long as you want, as long as there are 50 words at least.

This is a very easy one. since this rule is around 50 words, and it barely contains anything. How would you like it if you wrote 4 paragraphs and your roleplaying partner writes 40 words or less. even 50 words is a disappointment. So while 50 words is what we want, it is common curtsey to at least try and match your partners rp!

4. POST AS THE ACCOUNT OF THE CHARACTER YOU ARE POSTING AS. Nothing is more confussing then seeing Tom Riddle posted to a thread Harry Potter was supposed to post to.

5. The Admin's word is law. you can tell its us by the @ in front of our names in chatbox. Check that Staff team widget to figure out who the admins are. We put a lot of work into that (seriously, it takes longer than you think) so please use it to find us!

6. Please do not post after yourself in a thread, if you forgot to add something, please edit your previous post. THE EXCEPTION BEING IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER IN A THREAD!

7. Yes, professors have the powers to take away points, don't argue with them unless you want more points taken away. and don't yell at them in the Chatbox because it wasn't them who did it, it was their character.

8. Professors ARE ALLOWED to thread bash when Students are breaking the rules.. but do this very rarely, and only if you have a good reason to be there.. if something is happening in the forbidden forest or on the grounds at night then there is no good reason unless they were followed.. in which case CREEPER. But if someone is touring the castle at night, or breaking rules in the daytime, there can be good reasons

9. Keep In RP arguements/relationships, just there, IN THE ROLEPLAY. we are all friends outside of it

10. If someone does not like a topic in the chatbox, please avoid it, we want a friendly atmosphere in there.


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