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What are Heirs?

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What are Heirs? Empty What are Heirs?

Post by David Shuter on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:50 pm

Well, this is very simple. heirs are people of this age who share the same blood of famous people of another age. There can be many heirs of many people, but for now we are just doing the heirs of the four founders of Hogwarts. I know you will be asking 'what about heirs of Morgana or Merlin?' well Merlin was for sure an heir of Slytherin, as I believe Morgana was.

Anyway. To be an heir of Gryffindor, you must be a Moore or Shuter (as of the moment) and for now we are accepting NO MORE heirs of Gryffindor. Not until the next Gen starts.

To be an heir of Slytherin, you must be a Riddle, Saline or Gaunt. (Eva is the only exception because she was adopted by the Faye's)  We are accepting no more Saline's or Gaunts. There is one position open for a child of Riddle.

As for Hufflepuff. Smith's are heirs of Helga Hufflepuff (only those related to Zacharias) But 2 more surnames are open.

Lovegood's are heirs of Rowena Ravenclaw. There is an opening for 2 more surnames in this category.

Heirs of the Durmstrang founders are acceptable as well. They will not be as well know as Hogwarts founders. Their powers will not be as well known too. Heirs of Karl Geistreich will be quite intelligent and may be able to cast more creative and complicated spells than others. Heirs of Eric Hinterlistig will be natural sneaks, and may be very proficient and masking spells. Heirs of Garret Treu will most likely have an unnatural control over Dragons (not like a Dragon master, but the most powerful and trained MAY be able to ride them). Heirs of Richard Unerschrocken will be natural fighters, almost able to rival those of Godric Gryffindor's heirs.

If you choose to be heirs of these, make sure there are no previous heirs who have a different name, because we will not acept more than 3 last names for said heirs. As for talents, these are not set in stones.. explore the possibilities and surprise us. Just keep it reasonable. For example (using Hogwarts founders as an example) No heir of Ravenclaw should be able to speak parseltongue. So be creative, but reasonable!

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