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Power Claims! Empty Power Claims!

Post by David Shuter on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:38 pm

POWER CLAIMS Please remember, that we will not accept any claims unless your character's profile has been accepted.
Note only one power allowed per Character!

your charrie name - power you want

Animagus *closed*
Amber White- Small snow leopard
Ansel Beaumont - Siberian Husky
David Shuter - large Lion
Ernest Moore-Lion
Kaitlyn Becket- Golden Retriever
Nikki Mangise- Black Lab

Annabeth Chase-water
Damien Montego - Fire
Fredriquea Laboux-Water
Ivan Feofan - fire
Ares Ravenwood - Lightning
Jared Gartner-Night - Ice (Effects his entire body ie Eyes go crystal blue and hair goes snow white)
Karl Gartner-Night -Elemental (Lightning)
Kesha Miller - water
Lucas Gartner-Night - can control weather
Leon Larouche - air(controls air and storms)
Nemo Lèvesque- Ice
Percy Jackson-Water (NOTE: Stronger than most)
Saryana Greenwood - Weather(very strong control mostly over lightning)

Rebecca Charleston - Healing Powers
Saralyn Xavier- Healing powers but bring on nightmares on how that person will die in the future
Viigo Vanturi : Angel's Touch -counts as heavenly/healing elemental-

Anita Moore
Clara Bellamy
Ender Santiago-Morrison
Mariana Lopez
Matthew Bellamy
Scarlett Winters
Rachel Masters

Native American Powers
Austin Tyler - Heritage Magic,  Spirit Guardian Magic
Arsen Neige - Lafayette - Spirit Guardian Magic
Joseph Tyler : Heritage Magic, Spirit Magic Without Spiritland Visions

Erik Shadowbane
Harry Potter (Alchemist)
Thana Shuter~ Other, Isolde, Blue spirit energy.
Halo Riddleveraz : Ghost Whisperer

Parselmouth *Closed*
Harry Potter
Juliet Charlienco
Marshal Shuter
Tom Riddle

Seers *Closed*
Alfie Deyes
Liza Shuter

Helena Watson
Annabelle Greengrass- Telekinesis (Yet to discover)

Calypso Valkyrie - Pathokinesis
Chase Daniels- Can change someones mood by touching them and thinking of that mood.
Hana Latswick - Empath
Adonis Saden: Dreamscaping ~ the ability to enter and manipulate the dreams of others and oneself
Ivano Romano - The ability to sense if someone is lying by looking into their eyes
Lucifer(Sithis Nonomyth)- Necrokinesis
Sherlock Holmes - Mind Control
Yavojn Rezez - Bard Magic ~ <prefers gospel> - when he sings his music that he is singing affects the listener. whatever type of music he sings affects the spirits and heart of the listener. (for example...uplifting, anger, happy, enlightened, sad, etc.add it can control and cause weaker minds and wills to do as is happening in the song and others to varying degrees. Stronger minds and wills may be immune or resistant)

Alex Gray- Mystokinesis
Amatus Gaunt -  Rune magic (by drawing a rune on herself that represents a ability or talent she temporarily gains that ability or talent)
Amethyst Roslene - Intangibility
Carly Waters - Ability to talk with animals
Crystalla Montolleni - Seek & Find : the ability to naturally without magic be able to find anything or anyone. However people require a medium. Objects artifacts and other things may require a knowledge of the name of what is looking for. Otherwise she seems to have an animate ability to find treasures or rare items, pieces of history or lost keys.
Lucas Blackwell - Umbrakinesis
Jasper Ralston : Numquid mare Oceanum Magicae -Sea Creature Ocean Magic-
Markel Janius {Loki North} -  Sixth Sense - Inate ability that causes and enables him to be very intune and perceptive even vunerable to the paranormal nd supernatural world.

Last edited by David Shuter on Sun Aug 24, 2014 2:48 pm; edited 14 times in total

Power Claims! 24y2txg
Thanks to Jules for the Sig Smile
Power Claims! GRYFFINDORFRIENDSSIGGY_zps42097de5

Animagus and Patronus:
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Power Claims! Tumblr_n0ot0jwOyN1t300g5o1_500
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David turning into Vampire mode:
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David Shuter
David Shuter
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Hogwarts Headmaster

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