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Adult Jobs, Other Empty Adult Jobs, Other

Post by David Shuter on Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:31 pm

Must be a graduate or out of school to apply! ONLY ONE JOB PER CHARACTER! Please remember, that we will not accept any claims unless your character's profile has been accepted.

Reply with it:
Postion claimed (include office, team, place of employment if applicable):

Ministry Official:
Charles North (British Minister)
Tessa Greene (French Minister)
Lakeesha Miller (Assistant to Tessa Greene)
Anita Moore (Head of the Department of Law Enforcement at the British Ministry)
Percy Weasley (Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic and member of Wizengamot)
Alexandre Neige (British ministry under Charles North)
Arthur Weasley (British Head of Misuse of Muggle artifacts department.)
Austin Tyler (Head of the Unspeakables- British Ministry)
Teyo Menendez (Second in command in Unspeakables- British Ministry)
Jathiila Demonix(Assistant Minister of Magic, England)
Lucas Blackwell (Bulgarian Minister)
Rosalie Turner (Receptionist/Secretary/Assistant British Ministry of Magic)

Hit Witch/Wizard
Anita Moore (British Ministry)

Kaitlyn Becket (Head English Auror)
Marissa Knightly (England Auror)
Ares Ravenwood (England Auror)
Artemis Capulet (Head French Auror)
Alfie Deyes (England Auror)
Hailey Austen (England Auror)
Alex Gray (Auror-England)
Percy Jackson(Auror-England)

Joshua North (Head Healer at Saint Mungos)
Ivan Balakov (Healer at Saint Mungos)
Arsen Neige - Lafayette (Stand in Head Healer at Hogwarts and St. Mungos)
Nikki Mangise (Assistant Healer at Saint Mungos)
Cece Daniels (Healer at Saint Mungos)
Scarlett Winters (Healer at Hogwarts)
Astoria Greengrass (Trainee Healer at St Mungo's)

Quidditch Players
Ginevra Weasley (Chaser, HolyHead Harpies)
Seth Smith ( Beater, Holyhead Harpies)
Nico Moraes (Seeker for the Karasjok Kites)
Austin Sinclair (Seeker, Holyhead Harpies)

Shop Owners
Ernest Moore (The Three Broomsticks Owner)
Tessa Di Angelo (Owner of Zonkos)
Ivano Romano (Owner of Hogs Head)
George Weasley (Owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes)
Phoenix Carrow (Owner of Borgin and Burkes)
Cody Baxter (Owner of Honeydukes)
Alexa Montez (Manager of Honeydukes)
Luke Nonomyth (Owner of Angels and Demons Night Club )
Crystalla Montolleni (Owner of the Secret Shop)

Apollo Sanders (Employee at Zonkos)

Jasper Ralston : Exiled High Prince/Pirate Lord
Joseph Tyler : Fleet Admiral Of Royal Navy (magic & muggle)
Loki North {Markel Janius}(Paranormal Investigator and Law Enforcement Mercenary

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