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Post by David Shuter on Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:57 pm

Here is the Index for all powers on Future of the Wizarding World. If you want a power that does not exsist in this index, please Pm a staff member, where we all must agree on it for it to be added.


The Power Index Tumblr_mzxatv1Fc91saqgydo1_500

Animagi are rare, as they require extreme ability in transfiguration to become one. It is very dangerous for if the change goes wrong, it can kill you. The ministry keeps close tabs on those who attempt to become them, and there is a registry. However there are such things as unregistered animagi, that have hid their ability from the Ministry. Their ability includes being able to shift into an animal and back, without loosing your clothes. However it has been known if concentration is not sound enough, your clothes will be lost in the transformation. Creatures can not become animagi, but animagi can become creatures without loosing their abilities.

Notable Aniamgi: David Shuter, Kaitlyn Becket.

The Power Index 90f5313ac2686cfa
The Most common power on Future of the Wizarding World. Not Cannon to the HP universe, nor is it unique to this site (Thought I believe we have the most pronounced Elementals of any site) These people possess control over an element. The Four Elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth, though some may only possess control over a certain form of the element. Some rare elementals can control and combine two elements. It does not run in the blood, nor is it learned. You are blessed with it. Although if a parent is an elemental, odds are the child is too. Controling an element does not come without a weakness, and that is you can only control that which you have the energy to control. If you have not the energy, you will either kill yourself, or not be able to control your element. Ones power can be trained and worked on to become more powerful, although everyone has their limit.

Notable Elementals: Percy Jackson, Leon Larouche, Ivan Feofan, Saryana Greenwood, Fredriquea Laboux

The Power Index Tauriel-healing-wtf-o
Healers possess the powers to heal themselves without the use of a wand or a spell, and/or heal others in the same manor. Like Elementals, the power does not come from the bloodline, nor is it learned. You are simply born with it. There are different levels of this power. Some can only heal brusies, while others can mend bone back together. Its a roll of the dice. This power can not be trained. you are born with what you got.

Notable Healers: Saralyn Xavier, Rebecca Charleston

The Power Index Tonks_morph
This Power you are born with, and it must be within the bloodline someonewhere. Maybe not your parents or grand parents, but maybe your great great great (Times a million) Grandmother once removed had this power. It has been known to appear in families that were considered muggleborn, yet this power goes to prove they are not, for somewhere in their bloodline a metamorphmagus exists. their abilities include changing their shape and color of any part of their anatomy. It takes practice to be able to control what shape and color you take.

Notable Metamorphmagus': Anita Moore, Scarlett Winters.

The Power Index Tumblr_static_jasper-jasper-hale-18488954-500-250
Despite the Name, this branch of power is not all about control, but effecting humans. The Branches of this power consists of: Mood Control, Dreamscaping, Mind Control, Lie detector, Necrokensis, Bard Magic and any other power that effects or controls a person.

Notable Controlists: Calypso Valkyrie, Hana Latswick, Yavojn Rezez, Sithis Nonomyth, Adonis Sadine.

Native American Powers
The Power Index Large
Not much are known about these powers, as those who posses them are most secretive about them. What we do know as they have their very own branch of magic. Spirit magic. They can summon and control their own spirit guardian. only those of native american decent have these powers.

Notable Native American Power users: Austin Tyler, Arsen Niege-Layfette, Joseph Tyler.

The Power Index Giphy
Very Rare. These are people who can bring back the dead. To do so they however must die, unless they are already half dead. Only once on this site has a necromancer brought back the dead, and that was when Harry Potter brought Ernest Moore, the Heir of Gryffindor, back from the dead. He would have died if not been changed into a vampire just as it happened.

Some exists that can only communicate with spirits, or use spirit magic.

Notable Necromancers: Erik Shadowbane, Harry Potter, Thana Shuter

The Power Index Anigif_enhanced-buzz-10628-1380311338-8
Seers are very rare.. at least true seers are. Unfortunately most who are true are considered fake, and laughed at. being a seer is both a gift and a curse, and while it can run in the family, it is also completely random. Their abilities include Seeing the future. Most of the time they can not choose to see it, but rather are clubbed over the head with it at times.

Notable Seer's:Liza Shuter, Sybill Trelawney.

The Power Index 3317138_orig
Often considered a dark power. Very few possess it. Some say it flows in the blood, some say you gain the power when you are the ultimate evil, no one knows for sure. The ability is to be able to talk to and control snakes, which gained its evil name thanks to countless dark wizards in the past.

Notable Parselmouths: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, Marshal Saline, Juliet Charlienco.

The Power Index Latest?cb=20140417020603
Very much like many powers on this site, this is one that you are born with. It does not run in the blood, nor is it learned or created. It just is. Some people who have this power go their whole lives without knowing it, since you have to consciously try to lift something with your mind. The Ability is being able to lift things with your mind as stated above.

Notable Telekenisis users: Annabelle Greengrass

PLEASE NOTE: The Other section in the Power claims are still cannon to this site, but as they fit under no other section, nor have anyone else who shares the same power, they are not on this Index, you may still claim a power similar to those, in which case it will be added to this Index.

The Power Index 24y2txg
Thanks to Jules for the Sig Smile
The Power Index GRYFFINDORFRIENDSSIGGY_zps42097de5

Animagus and Patronus:
The Power Index Tumblr_n3jpe57ftu1txzfyyo1_500
The Power Index Tumblr_n0ot0jwOyN1t300g5o1_500
The Power Index Tumblr_n04z0q3Wld1scjbypo1_250

David turning into Vampire mode:
The Power Index Giphy
David Shuter
David Shuter
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