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The Creature/Species Index

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The Creature/Species Index  Empty The Creature/Species Index

Post by David Shuter on Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:00 am

Look here for info on all the creatures found here and how powerful they are. Any new species must be asked for and all the staff must agree upon it before you may claim it.

The Creature/Species Index  Latest?cb=20141015195331

One of the more common Species on this site. The Vampire is a creature of darkness, yet not all have to be evil. They rely on Blood to survive. Human blood works best and tastes the best, yet they can also survive on animal and even other vampire blood. Their powers include Super strength, Super speed and super senses. The intensity of these powers depend on many things. The Age of the vampire, the sex of the vampire, the physical strength the vampire had before he or she was turned, whether they were turned or born. For instance A female vampire who is 500 and turned would be more powerful than a 10 year old male vampire who was turned, yet not as strong as a 300 year old born male vampire. Did that make sense? No? Oh well *shrugs* The most powerful vampire is Archard Kaaos, who was the first vampire. No point trying to be more powerful than him. Oh yeah.. did I mention they are immortal?

Notable Vampires: Archard Kaaos, David Shuter, Harry Potter, Juliet Charlienco, Makota Winchester, Lucifer Edwards.

The Creature/Species Index  Remus_Lupin_turning_into_Werewolf

The second most common Creature on this site. A werewolf is a child of the moon. Otherwise a normal human being, they turn once a month into a larger than normal wolf. They tend to be ragged, as they are shunned by the wizarding community, they do have some advantages. Outside of the full moon they have powers such as heightened senses (though not as good as a vampire) and slightly augmented strength (yet again no where near a vampire) On the full moon their wolves are stronger than normal wolves, faster, vicious and their teeth are razor sharp. In this state they are a threat to even vampires. This is one of the reasons they have a deep set rivalry. They age like normal humans and die with old age.

Notable Werewolves: Austin Tyler, Natasha Black, Carly Waters

The Creature/Species Index  Giphy

These are semi humanoid semi magical humanoid creatures. They are immensely beautiful creatures who can reduce those of the opposite sex to drooling maniacs when they put on their charm. When angered they can turn into what one might call harpies, with a bird like face and wings sprouting out from their bodies. Their powers include seduction of all creatures, the ability to dance very well, and while in Harpy mode heightened senses and strength, though nothing compared to a werewolf or vampire.

Notable Veela's:  Maximus Xavier, Tayo Menendez

The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_lfgtg3gjVn1qaqy6no1_500_zps635a8f23

These are descendants of Veela. They can not turn into harpy like creatures when angered, yet they have a reduced ability to seduce those of the opposite sex. They are always born with good looks. Powers include seduction and the ability to dance very well.

Notable Half Veela's: Fleur Weasley

The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_n8pjmqTarA1sxfqdyo6_r1_1280

Extremely rare, only one on this site. Angels are the dead risen again. They come from heaven, and have extraordinary powers. While they can walk the earth as mere mortals, they are essentially immortal. If they 'die' they just return to heaven. While in Angel mode they have the customary wings and halo. Their powers include flight, telekinesis, weather control and the ability to cast powerful spells, as if they were wielding the elder wand itself.

Notable Angels: Celia Crowley

The Creature/Species Index  20140214065610!Angelfalling

Archangels the first race created by God. Aside from the Deity Pets. There only four Archangels in existence. There are the strongest of the biblical Races. Their powers include: Superhuman Strength, Stamina, And Durability, They are capable of hiding Their wings to the naked eye and usually have them inside their flesh. they Possessions Cosmic Awareness of the Universe. Not only that they have a A Cosmic Magical Engine of super human power in terms of Magic and capable of doing "Almost anything.", they are capable of inflating Minds mortals and many more things. They are capable of seeing thing that other races could not see. They can tell what other races are. They Are taught Archangel Military Combat. They are also immortal

Notable Archangels: Michael Nonomyth, Lucifer Nonomyth, Raphael Nonomyth and Gabriel Nonomyth

The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_l8rs6mFgxH1qb1mbuo1_500

The spawn of Satan himself. These are considered the anti Angels, yet they only specify in one area of evil. Some are created by necromancers, some are just released into this world because the devil himself feels like it. These are pretty common in the world, compared to angels. Their Powers include: Their specialty power (Fire, death, ect.) And hightened senses.

Notable Demons: Ivan Feofan, Halo Riddleveraz

Half Giants
The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_nj2i6nz6YU1tsompdo2_500

Pretty rare, but these creatures come to being when A giant has a child with a human. This is rare because.. what human falls in love with a giant? Also there are so few giants left. They tend to be larger than even a basketball player. Their powers include: strength, impervious to most spells, a tendency to get along with most wild creatures.

Notable Half Giants: Rubeus Hagrid, Adonis Sade

The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_ms21n0gyOb1spxycho1_500

Quite a normal occurrence a unicorn is, half unicorns are the ultimate rarity. It comes to be when somewhere along the line a wizard mates with a unicorn. These creatures tend to prefer the wild to the city, and don't quite understand our ways of life or speech. Their powers include: Shape shifting into their unicorn, Getting along with all aspects of wild life and heightened senses

Notable Half Unicorns: Marshal Shuter

Rainbow Pheonix
The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_m04hjdDHJO1r47ksqo1_500

Only one known one exsists. Little is known about how they come to be, some speculate they are 'chosen' yet other factors may come into play. They are very weak in magic, unable to cast but the simplest spells. Yet they have a power in what is called 'bard magic' This gives them limited power over wildlife. So their powers include: Bard Magic.

Notable Rainbow Pheonix's: Yavojn Rezez

The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_lt1fbzrJiY1r489t5o1_500

Not as common as the pure creatures, these creatures still populate the globe in decent numbers. A hybrid is the cross between two creatures. So say a Werewolf has a kid with a Vampire, or a Veela with a vampire, the child will inherit a little bit of each creatures powers.  Or a Vampire bites a werewolf... ect. ect. So their powers include: Dumbed down versions of both creatures powers.

Notable Hybrids: Eden Lupin

The Creature/Species Index  24y2txg
Thanks to Jules for the Sig Smile
The Creature/Species Index  GRYFFINDORFRIENDSSIGGY_zps42097de5

Animagus and Patronus:
The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_n3jpe57ftu1txzfyyo1_500
The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_n0ot0jwOyN1t300g5o1_500
The Creature/Species Index  Tumblr_n04z0q3Wld1scjbypo1_250

David turning into Vampire mode:
The Creature/Species Index  Giphy
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